Flu Treated by Drugs of My Canadian Pharmacy


The Essence of Flu

FluFlu is one of the most widespread infectious diseases, belongs to group of acute respiratory viral infections. Viruses of flu which more than 2000 types at the moment are cause this disease. These viruses can extend in the form of epidemics which rise, as a rule, on the autumn and winter period, and pandemics which are registered each 30-40 years.

People of all age categories are susceptible to flu virus, however this disease constitutes the greatest danger to elderly people, children, pregnant women, and also people having pulmonary diseases and cardiac disorders. A source of flu is already sick person who in environment allocates a virus by means of cough, sneezing and others. Being an airborne infection flu extends quickly enough, the patient represents danger to people around within a week, since the first hours of infection. Treat flu with My Canadian Pharmacy preparations.