My Canadian Pharmacy Speaks about Viagra

Viagra popularity is growing at an exponential rate. Many men are tempted by Viagra, trying experience its effect. Survey results among pharmacists show that this drug is one of the most required products at night after condoms.

Viagra Function Principle?

Basically, Canadian Pharmacy Viagra affects smooth muscle laxation and blood flow increase in cavernous body. This happens because of enzyme suppression – phosphodiesterase (5). Viagra widens penis blood vessels at excitement state. Penis blood flow enhances and normal erection occurs.

Viagra effect was discovered entirely by accident. In 1992 pharmaceutical company «Pfizer» conducted cardiac medications clinical tests among volunteers. The drug revealed side effect as increased potency. Viagra failed to be applied as antibiotic for heart diseases treatment, but it made an excellent means for quality sex. In 1998 Viagra first appeared in US pharmacies.

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Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Indications

Viagra is a drug for erectile dysfunction treatment, i. e. reduced erection condition, which leads to inability to carry out sexual intercourse. Such disorders usually appear at men over 40 years old, but there are cases of sexual frustration at younger age. Such widespread male health problems occur as a result of alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, stress and chronic fatigue.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Application

Viagra is produced by a large pharmaceutical company «Pfizer». 50 ml Viagra pill is taken once a day. But each patient has individual drug tolerance, thus daily dose can be increased up to 100 ml, or reduced to 25 ml. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is to be taken one hour before sex. The drug should be swallowed whole with water.

After taking a pill, erection occurs only in case of sexual stimulation. Drinking alcohol is not recommended. You should also refrain from fat and ample food, as it reduces Viagra effect and it may occur much later than you planned.

If you want everything to go according to your plan strictly follow the instructions! Viagra taken by elderly men over 65 years old may remove slowly and for quite a long time may circulate in the blood. In this case, such people should consult a doctor for individual dosage selection.

Viagra Contraindications

If patient constantly or with short intervals takes drugs for cardiac angina treatment containing nitrates or nitric oxide donators, in this case Viagra is strictly contraindicated. The thing is that it enhances hypotensive nitrates effect and arterial blood pressure may decrease to critical indicators. Hypersensitivity to some Viagra components may also be observed, which is accompanied by allergic skin rash, itching, facial oedema or dyspnea. Men with anatomical penis deformation should take Viagra with cautious, as well as those who suffer from acute stomach ulcer, active duodenal ulcer, severe arrhythmia. Men rehabilitating after myocardial infarction, blood stroke and with blood pressure over 170/100 mm Hg or under 90/50 mm Hg are also contraindicated to apply Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Viagra side effects:

  • flushing;
  • palpitation;
  • headache or dizziness;
  • color vision perception disorders (everything is seen in blue light); high sensitivity to bright light;
  • nasal stuffiness or smell disorders;
  • gastrointestinal tract disorders, vomiting;
  • arterial blood pressure decrease, faintness, nasal bleeding;
  • prolonged painful erections in reproductive system lasting up to four hours. Such side effect requires urgent medical intervention.


Viagra Fatal Cases

According to analyzes results during one year out of 1473 cases of Viagra side effects 522 person died. 94 of them died from cardiopulmonary arrest, 200 – from myocardial infarction. Most often men died six hours after taking Viagra. All these men had problems with cardiovascular system of various severity degrees. However, Viagra creators were not proved guilty in such number of deaths, one of the biggest in the world companies «Pfizer» has not lost a single court case. Conclusion is evident – men with heart disease must not take Viagra, but if it is necessary – only after doctor’s consultation. Viagra action principle and safety are still unknown, so do not risk your life.

Viagra has a negative effect on child conception, reducing pregnancy chances by 30%. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is also prohibited for children and young people up to 18 years, because the drug is not recommended for healthy men.

Viagra Overdose

Viagra overdose causes fatigue and drowsiness, overdose should be treated symptomatically in resuscitation department. The drug contains sildenafil, which is firmly bound to plasma proteins, it doesn’t remove from the body naturally.

My Canadian Pharmacy warns all men to be careful with Viagra since the drug appeared on the market relatively recently. There were no randomized studies conducted, which explain how Viagra acts. Do not take Viagra just out of curiosity or to enhance sexual sensations. If you are sexually active, after experiments with Viagra things can change dramatically, and not in good way.


My Canadian Pharmacy: Smoking and Erectile Function

It is well-known that smoking represents a social problem of society, both for smoker, and for non-smoking part presently. The first category torments itself with a question of the termination of smoking, the second tries to secure themselves against influence of the smokers. Certainly, smoking does harm to both a man’s, and female half of mankind, but this article will provide you information on how smoking influences an erectile function, how two concepts smoking and erection are connected.

Smoking Strikes Blow to Mankind

All know of harm caused by smoking, the erectile function also develops from this artful habit. However around the world about 15 billion cigarettes are smoked every day. According to the conducted researches in 2009 in the USA the share of smokers among adult population makes about 60,2% among the man’s population, and 21,7% among women. Addiction to cigarettes costs much to the owner of this harmful habit. Almost every third man of our country smokes, causing an irreparable loss to him health (lung cancer, bad erection) and to health of the relatives.


From 3 to 5 million, are a human tribute of death, for addiction to smoking. At such tendencies by 2020 annually about 10 million people in the world will die of smoking. The figure which turns out at calculation of all financial influences (a cigarette, a lighter, chewing gums) can discourage even the heaviest smokers who don’t even ask a question: how to leave off smoking and to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. My Canadian Pharmacy claims that it is very important to keep a healthy lifestyle that’s why if you desire to give up smoking or increase your erection you are welcome on our website to order drugs necessary for these purposes realization.

The Smoke of Cigarettes Kills Man’s Erection

The tobacco smoke, contains about 5 thousand chemical compounds, 60 of which cause impotence:

  • hydrocyanic acid;
  • carboxylic acids;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • hydrogen nitride;
  • the diverse toxic substances which are harmful influencing man’s health.

Smoking and Erectile Function

The Ministry of Health was tired to repeat about harm of smoking long ago. Scientists-doctors are engaged in development of new preparations, psychologists write books about how to leave off smoking in a week, sorcerers apply miracles of traditional medicine. However, despite all efforts, the number of smokers every day become more and more increased. If you lose already the hope you may choose the remedies on the website – My Canadian Pharmacy to carry out the treatment.

Smoking is possible by the right to consider as the most terrible drug. So from heroin and other “heavy” drugs mortality is less many times. Availability and Cheapness of cigarettes have led to what the mankind has received most artfully and the enemy, dangerous to itself. Which is especially dangerous, negatively influencing an erection – killing the healthy future of mankind.

Smokers often are ill on lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, decrease of sexual capabilities is also observed. Smoking and erection have close connection. Smoking not negatively influences a condition of cardiovascular system. Change of erectile function at the smoker happens due to narrowing of basin vessels. The last is responsible for intake of blood in genital and on erectile function. Smoking leads also to the fact that walls of blood vessels of genital are corked, negatively affecting erectile function.