Intimate Fears

Every man wants to be successful in life, including sexual sphere. But when relationship with partner becomes more intimate, many representatives of the stronger sex lose courage and acquire some stiffness because of tormenting fears. Psychological problems often become a big problem, causing erectile dysfunction.

Fear of Failure

Intimate Fears of MenProbably the most common fear for a man which is especially strong during the first sexual experience or at the beginning of intimate relationship with a new partner (most often if failures already took place). Some members of the stronger sex believe in the myth that each of them has a certain amount of sperm in their lives, and, consequently, sexual intercourses. And then men, who even never had «failures», begin to torment themselves with the thought that soon limit of sexual success will be exhausted. And impotence is seen as irreversible illness. An important psychological help can be provided by a partner, taking initiative of sexual relations on herself and allowing a man to relax.


Many men do not accept sexual relations during menstruation in women, sexual intercourse seems unattractive to them and unhygienic, causes fear of becoming infected or infect a partner with a dangerous disease. If a man categorically against sex on such days, then intimacy is better to postpone.


For a man, to deflower innocence of his partner means a huge responsibility. Some people think that this means commitment to a long, serious relationship, up to marriage. Others are afraid of hurting partner. Still others think about what impression the first sex will make on a girl and in particular a specific man with whom it will be associated. It is better when a man learns about virginity in advance and mentally prepares for such a step.


Most men do not tolerate comparisons, especially if they relate to partner’s former lovers and their skills in bed. If reviews are positive, then a man will feel weak, if negative – stands up for protection, because he himself is afraid to be in his place one day.

Small Penis

Even if a man has average size of penis, he can think that this is not enough for active sex life. Support of a partner is important here, whose task is not to criticize a man for what does not depend on him. In addition, mankind invented many poses in which this problem is reduced to zero.

Own Appearance

Complexes about their own appearance are typical not only for women, but also for men. In this regard, many representatives of the stronger sex prefer to undress and have sex in the dark. Women should often praise their partner, admire his figure and do not stress out disadvantages.