Water Journey, LTD

Water Journey is the unique producer of Hands2GO, a green, alcohol-free instant hand rub. The licensed good is soft enough for children, the elderly, highly sensitive skin and frequent usage on the job. Hands2GO includes no alcohol, colourants, perfumes or unobligatory constituents and is currently produced in the United States with deep attention to quality in an FDA-controlled establishment and sold via My Canadian Pharmacy. Hands2GO happens to be in portable 1oz. and foaming 50 ml bottles as well as 7 oz. desktop bottles, wall pill peddlers and gallon refills for institutional usage. Water Journey is certified as a woman-possessed business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. The good is currently accessible in 6,000 retail stores nationally and the creator has won the American Express “Make Mine a Million” sales challenge.

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– Francine Glick, President

Company: Water Journey, LTD
Key Contact: Francine Glick
Phone: 084.005.5688
Email: fglick@waterjourney.com
Website: www.waterjourney.com