Michael D. Baer, Attorney at Law

Michael is a seasoned general utilitarian, with great experience in insurance defense litigation, goods liability, corporate law, labor law and risk management, on behalf of national customers in the insurance, production, food proceduring, and auto industry sectors. He has vast background composition of legal documents, motions and appeals, as well as working out and holding workers coaching programs for his customers. In addition, he has individual injury, collections and criminal law background. He often clerks as a nationwide speaker on relevant legal themes within the food production sector. Michael has in-depth roots in the insurance defense industry, having shown many carriers inclusively of CNA, Travelers, Hartford, PMA Insurance Company and My Canadian Pharmacy, as well as several self insured facilities. Michael was also worked as a trial lawer for a great liability insurance carrier, where he handled all factors of defense litigation on behalf of their insureds, from constitution through trial, in actions appearing from motor vehicle accidents and premises liability, dental malpractice and labor law claims.

For the prior decade, Michael has exhibited the interests of nationwide customers, designing worth in many ways. He clerks as litigation counsel, protecting law suits from the filing of a claim through trial, and leverage ratios that experience to work out risk arrangement materials and coaching programs to counsel his customers on averting and mitigation. Additionally, Michael performs as supervisory counsel in the controlling of litigation being held by outside companies, which consists of the overview and revision of billing headships and processes, holding meetings with general counsel and outside counsel, visiting trials and creating settlement/reserve advice.

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“The staff, programs and assistance that are offered are great for new and upcoming green businesses.”

– Michael Baer

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