Gotham Analytics

Gotham Analytics is a hardware and software company on the activity center of working out an surrounding controlling technology. The decisions and technology currently under improvement at Gotham Analytics treat potentially major operation situations that could have a exterminatory influence on people and property. Gotham’s FrontLine AQUA System is currently operated at several remote locations in Bergen County, New Jersey and let engineers control in near real-time, water levels at critical tide gates. The methods utilized to work out the decisions suggested by Gotham Analytics are deprived from our patent-pending FrontLine System:

  • carried out unification communications between incongruously ascertained or mobile sensors
  • wholesome Cloud and Grid calculation process of methodologies
  • refitting sensors to broad its opportunities
  • a diversity of wireless protocols
  • informative user interfaces and reports
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“The Business Accelerator has provided my company with a platform to demonstrate my technology and networking opportunities to grow my business.”

– Yogi Sookhu

Company: Gotham Analytics
Key Contact: Yogi Sookhu
Phone: 201.956.1492