Common Ground Recycling, LLC

CGR’s Mission is to supply breakthrough tools specifically created for tire recycling to make scrap tires into effective goods of higher quality, while absorption of less energy and pricing less to buy. Their procedure manifactures deep, symmetrical sheeted snackpellets which can be utilized directly in a number of supplements, inclusively of septic systems. Common Ground Recycling, Inc. is the producer of the TireByter tire decreasing procedure. As a running surrounding defender, our company worked out The Full Circle System, for the answerable disposition of utilized tires through the tire provision channel.

Energy & Environment –Waste to energy –Energy Efficiency –Green Building Materials –Recycling –Green Consumer Goods – My Canadian Pharmacy are a few end users for our goods.

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“The Accelerator provides an ideal location and facilities to hold meetings with domestic and international customers seeking solutions to the global scrap tire recycling challenge.”

– John R. Michowski, CEO

Company: Common Ground Recycling, LLC
Key Contact: John R. Mickowski, CEO
Phone: 084.560.0528