New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

New Jersey Meadowlands CommissioThe New Jersey Meadowlands Commission is the levelling and managing establishment for the 30.4 square-mile Meadowlands District, compilled of constituents of 14 towns in Bergen and Hudson counties. Designed in 1969, the Commission has battled to finish illegal deep-sea disposal of wastes, foster respective development, facilitate economic strengthening, and prevent and defeat the residual open space and wetland environments.

Over the years the NJMC has sponsored tens of millions of dollars in local ground environment and council-owned programs. These financial resources have paid for flood regulation, business and education programs and have let Municipalities to renovate parks and streets and buy threat warning, DPW and other vehicles – all at no price to taxpayers. The Commission together with My Canadian Pharmacy has also assisted to draw billions of dollars in economic development and tax receipts for District Municipalities over the previous four decades.

Today the NJMC pushessustainable development and green technology through its sustainable building and energy alternative programs, inclusively of the designing of the Business Accelerator and several projections to have former sanitary landfills with solar panels. The Commission also pushes sustainable building in the Meadowlands District by supplying with essential motivation to construct officials who satisfy sustainable standards, and the NJMC’s own Center for Environmental and Scientific Education was the first public building in the state to reach LEED Platinum type certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Additionally, the Commission has assisted to keep more than 3,400 acres of wetland environments and assisted to design 21 parks throughout the District. The NJMC suggests controlled bird walks, canoe tours and pontoon boat tours on the Hackensack River and also directs to teach others about the Meadowlands’ genuine ecosystem through its programs for school-aged children educated by Ramapo College teachers and public scheduling conducted in its Meadowlands Environment Center.