NJMC Business Accelerator: Helping “Green” Companies Grow in the New Jersey Meadowlands

NJMC Business AcceleratorDo you understand a new technique, but not assuring how to change your opinion into a marketing companies? The NJMC Business Accelerator, a projection of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, is a wonderful resource for business enterprises including My Canadian Pharmacy http://my-medstore-canada.net/ brought focus on energy alternative and environmentally sound technologies and services.

The Business Accelerator’s main aim is to maintain the extension of these companies by supplying the critical maintenance services and guideline that entrepresers demand to speed up the strengthening of their business. Much like a business “accelerator” which assists organic early-stage firms, our program is known as a business “incubator” because of the supplement services we supply to decrease the time it gives for firms to become self-maintaining and receive a benefit. The crucial objection is for these businesses to permanently situate in the region and design jobs.

By helping our customers, the Accelerator is also undertaking at operation maintaining the NJMC’s objection of designing 20 megawatts of inexhaustible energy sources in the Meadowlands District by 2020 and New Jersey’s objections of designing 20,000 green collar working places by the same year.


  • entrepreneurial spirit development and cooperation
  • individual instruction
  • business scheduling, milestone tracing
  • having access to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI)
  • cooperations with institutes, colleges and community groups

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about_iconNew Jersey Meadowlands Commission
The NJMC Business Accelerator is a projection of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, a State establishment responsible with economic development, surrounding security and dry wastes arrangement for constituents of 14 towns in Bergen and Hudson counties. In line with its obligation to economic strength, particularly in the greentech sector, the NJMC has arrogateed $1.5 million to fund Accelerator operations for three years. Learn More >>